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15.10.2019 - 09.10.2019

Industrial Production. Japan, 06:30 (GMT+2)

At 06:30 (GMT+2), preliminary data on industrial production for August will be published in Japan. The indicator fixes the level of change in the volume of industrial production and utilities in the country. The calculation takes into account the manufacturing and mining industries, as well as the electric power industry. It is predicted that production will decline by 1.2%, which may put pressure on the yen.

Consumer Price Index. China, 03:30 (GMT+2)

At 03:30 (GMT+2), data on the consumer price index in the PRC for September will be released. It is the main indicator of inflation in the country, which determines the change in the level of retail prices for a certain “basket” of goods and services: food, transport, utilities, health care and so on. It is predicted that on a monthly basis, the value will remain at the same level of 0.7%, and on an annualized basis it will increase from 2.8% to 2.9%.