Deposit and trade during Ramadan month
and get the presents from Tifia

How to get presents

Deposit $100 or more to your account from 25.04.2019 till 05.06.2019
Trade actively and make the maximum trading volume during promotion period
Get valuable prizes from Tifia: Samsung S10 or Galaxy Watch or JBL Free X headphones or JBL Charge 3 Speaker

Samsung S10

Country Account # Prize

Galaxy Watches

Country Account # Prize

JBL Free X

Country Account # Prize

JBL Charge 3

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Branded prizes

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Ramadan Giveaway Promotion Rules

1. General terms

  • 1.1 The organizer of the "RAMADAN GIVEAWAY" promotion is Tifia Markets Limited.
  • 1.2 The organizer post actual information about the participation conditions and rules of the "RAMADAN GIVEAWAY" promotion on its official website page.
  • 1.3 Individuals of legal age of majority who are Tifia Markets Limited clients are eligible to participate in the contest.
  • 1.4 The prize fund of this Promotion is formed from the Organizer's own funds. The prizes of the "RAMADAN GIVEAWAY" promotion are: https://tifia.info/en/contests/ramadan-giveaway
    1st prize: one item - Samsung S10 smartphone (or $1000 real money instead on Tifia trading account)
    2nd group of prizes: two items - Galaxy Watches 46mm with Bluetooth (or $350 real money for each instead on Tifia trading account)
    3d group of prizes: three items - JBL Free X wireless in-ear headphones (or $150 real money for each instead on Tifia trading account)
    4th group of prizes: five items - JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers (or $100 real money for each instead on Tifia trading account)
    5th group of prizes: thirty items - Branded souvenirs (or $10 real money for each instead on Tifia trading account)
  • 1.5 Tifia Markets Limited has the right to alter these terms and conditions or cancel this contest at any time without any special notice.
  • 1.6 The results of the promotion will be published on its official website page.
  • 1.7 By participating in the promotion, a participant fully accepts its conditions and rules.
  • 1.8 Tifia Markets Limited reserves the right to use information related to winners for promotional purposes and publish it in any sources. The promotion winners are invited to participate in promotional and marketing events held by the organizer and its partners, such as interviews, photo and video reports and press releases about the promotion.
  • 1.9 Disputes arising during the promotion period shall be resolved based on these terms and conditions of the main regulatory documents of Tifia Markets Limited. Situations not described by these terms and conditions can be resolved by negotiation, with the final decision on any dispute made by the Organizer of the "RAMADAN GIVEAWAY" promotion.

2. Participation conditions

  • 2.1 The "RAMADAN GIVEAWAY" is held from 00:00:01 25.04.2019 till 00:00:01 05.06.2019 (GMT+3 server time which displayed in the Tifia trading terminal).
  • 2.2 Registration in the promotion is automatic, all meeting the conditions of clauses 1.3 and 2.3 are eligible to participate.
  • 2.3 Participants in the promotion are fully verified clients who have made a single transaction deposit to their START (MICRO) or CLASSIC or ECN PRO trading account with Tifia in the amount of 100 USD (or equivalent in another currency) or more during the promotion period.
  • 2.4 Participants can use trading advisers and trading strategies without restrictions. The conditions for participating accounts are the same as the terms and conditions of Tifia's "Client agreement" and "Terms of Business"
  • 2.5 "RUSH FOR PROFITS" contest accounts are not allowed to participate in "RAMADAN GIVEAWAY" promotion.

3. Prize Draw Rules

  • 3.1 The winners will be identified based on the registration deposit amount (deposit amount performed by a single transaction are taking into consideration) and maximum volume traded during the promotion period. The prizes are divided into five groups depending on deposit amount and lots traded as follows:
    Deposit amount Minumum amount of traded lots Number of prizes Prize
    from $100 to $499 1 lot or more 30 Branded souvenirs
    $500-$999 5 lots or more 5 JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers
    from $1000 to $2499 10 lots or more 3 JBL Free X wireless in-ear headphones
    from $2500 to $4999 25 lots or more 2 Galaxy Watches 46mm with Bluetooth
    from $5000 50 lots or more 1 Samsung S10 smartphone
  • 3.2 The traded lots required to get a prize are calculated according to the following conditions:
    • 3.2.1 The size of one trading lot is 100,000 USD.
      * Please note that for START accounts, one trading lot is 10 times larger than that specified in their standard specification.
    • 3.2.2 When calculating the trading volume, only the following groups of Forex instruments are taken into account: Forex Major, Forex Crosses, Forex Minor.
    • 3.2.3 When calculating the trading volume, only the volume traded with the client’s own funds is taken into account. The amount traded with bonus funds is not taken into account when calculating.
    • 3.2.4. When calculating the trading volume, deleted or pending orders are not taken into account.
    • 3.2.5. When calculating the trading volume, locking positions are not taken into account.
  • 3.3 Participant can get a prize only if total withdrawal amount for the Promotion period is less than the deposit amount.
  • 3.4 Each account has the right to participate only ones per one prize group.
  • 3.5 Each pearson has the right to receive only one prize. The biggest prize will be given if several accounts of the same participant get on the different prize groups lists of winners.
  • 3.6 The prize can be changed to the equal real money sum (according to p. 1.4) and credited to the trading account of the winner.
  • 3.7 Tifia has the right to request additional information for identification from the winners.
  • 3.8 The organizer has the right to disqualify a participant from prize draw without explanation. The reasons may include the following violations: - violation of these conditions of the promotion or any provisions of the main regulatory documents of the company;
    - suspicion of fraudulent activities with an aim of winning the prize;
    - suspicion of registration of several client profiles by one individual;
    - incorrect personal data indicated in the client profile and/or the absence of full profile verification;
    - use of failures in the quotation flow in order to get guaranteed profit;
    - no trading activity on the account of the participant for 10 days during the promotion period.

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